Tile and Grout Cleaning

We all live a very busy lifestyle, and are put off by many of the day to day household maintenance chores. One of the most ignored cleaning chores is tile & grout cleaning. Let’s be honest, who likes spending their entire day or weekends, scrubbing tiles or getting down on your hands and knees brushing and scrubbing the grout. If you’ve done that in the past you would know how time consuming and physically stressful tile & grout cleaning can be.

The good news is……………….Gone are the days when customers had to vacate their property for 2 – 3 days for pro cleaners to restore their domestic or commercial tile & grout, stone and concrete floors.

Central Coast Domestic Services makes the long tedious job of cleaning tile & grout, a breeze in the park. We have a strong reputation in the industry and within our customers on making those difficult and unpopular jobs as easy as picking up the phone to make a booking. You will be glad you did!!


–         When regular maintenance cleaning is not providing the results you are seeking

–         When dirt layers are not easily lifted with general mopping

–         When grout seems a lot darker in traffic areas compared to low traffic areas

Have you noticed the more you sweep and wet mop your tile & grout areas, they seem to get dirtier quicker, and your grout seems to get darker and unappealing quicker? There is a good reason for that. Did you know that grout is a very porous material? After the first rinse of your dirty mop head, you are just pushing around dirty water. Grout being highly porous, absorbs the dirty water and chemical as you mop your tiled floors. With time multiple layers of chemical and dirt stack up in your grout, hence in high traffic areas, grout seems to get darker than the rest of the lower traffic or uncleaned areas.

You can request Central Coast Domestic Services to seal your grout. This will form a protective coating on your grout lines, which repels stains and spillages from soaking into it, making it easier to keep up it appearance, looking like new for longer.


–         Ceramic

–         Porcelain

–         Slate

–         Clay

–         Concrete & Cement

–         Granite

–         Marble

–         Terracotta

–         Terrazzo

–         Quarry Tiles

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