Urine Treatment


Did you know 63% of Australian households own a pet in which 40% are dog owners 26% are cat owners and 53% own a dog and a cat. With such high numbers of pet ownership accidents are bound to happen.

There are many reasons why pet owners can find themselves in this smelly urine odour situations. Some of which are listed below.

– Toilet training your young pet

– Biological reason arising from medication

– Aging pet with weak bladder

– Nervous or frighten pet

Unfortunately most pet owners believe a standard clean of your soft floor (carpet) upholstery, bedding and porous hard floor is the answer to their urine odour issue. This is certainly not right and to make the matter worst 90% – 95% of professional soft or hard floor cleaners either are not educated or certified in this specialised field of urine odour decontamination or don’t have the necessary right tools, chemicals and expertise in the field of urine odour decontamination.

Most professional cleaners will only go as far as applying a topical deodoriser (a temporary masking agent) or  a sanitiser. 99% of this sort of topical application will fail and will only make odour come back stronger and more unbearable.

We here at Central Coast Domestic Sevices bring science, technology and education from around the world to your door step. The work we carry out for your urine odour decontamination has a success rate of 90 %. Sometimes odour relating to multiple urine deposits are left for too long causing irreversible damage, in that case disposal is the only option.

The process!

  • Pre inspection of area to be decontaminated
  • Advance detection and mapping areas of urine deposit
  • Determining level of decontamination as low, medium or high
  • Customising best treatment with highest success rate.
  • Dissolving and dislodging urine salts and its component for easy extraction with specialised chemicals
  • Treating extracted area with specialized live aerobic and anaerobic beneficial bacteria and enzymes
  • Future plan of action and advice on any minor accidents

 Brief a-z of urine

Urine can and will cause permanent damage to any absorbent material if left untreated.

It will also create a very high count of bad bacterial colonies.

Freshly excreted urine is acidic on the ph scale.

Any sort of spillage is easier to remove as soon as it happens.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Untreated dried out urine will gain higher PH count rapidly (more alkaline)

Good and bad bacteria are constantly around us 24/7 when acidic liquid like urine rich in proteins and soluble fat  is introduced into an absorbent medium it creates a perfect  breeding environment for the bad bacteria to flourish.

Acidic liquid like urine progressively react to absorbent materials causing a yellowing or tanning colour to appear.

Depending on the fibre or flooring, a reaction can start immediately especially on natural fibres or stone flooring and this can become permanent if the urine is not extracted immediately .

Ammonia that is present in urine is capable of altering some dyes which can lead to irreversible damage and discolouration.

There are two major components in urine from which odour arises and both need to be attended and treated for a complete odour removal.

First is due to high count of bad bacteria and decomposing urine.

Second is the organic chemicals, salts and crystallised molecules that embed themselves  as far as your last sub floor.

Using a topical sanitiser may aid in killing topical bacteria but since the organic chemicals, salts and crystallised molecules are still present the odour will still linger around.

Once these salts and crystals absorb moisture, evaporation and wicking cause heavier odour to release into the air. This is the main reason why urine deposits can smell for months and years. It is imperative to get rid of the urine salts in and under the carpet to get rid of the odour. That’s why topical cleaning existing urine spots WILL NOT remove any associated odour in fact, in most cases it will only make the matter worst.

Removal of both odour causing issue arising from urine can not only be very time consuming (labour time) but expensive material wise too.

Each situation is different and treatment depends of many factors as there is no magical cure.

In certain cases only a topical treatment with sub floor extraction may be required and in other cases treatment could involve sealing of the sub floor, replacement of underlay, dissolving the urine for better flush and extraction from top flooring  and treating with beneficial bacteria and enzymes .