How soon can i walk on my carpets?

Walk On Clean Carpets
Wear slippers on freshly cleaned carpets.

You may walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning by wearing socks or slippers. However, we do recommend you do not walk on your carpet for a period of two hours after cleaning. Walking on freshly cleaned carpet with bare feet may leave oil spots.

How Long Does My Carpet Take To Dry?

Our carpets are always left dry enough to walk on straight away (wearing shoe covers). To be completely dry will be determined by the type of carpet fibre, weather, humidity and air flow into the room, and this takes from 1-6 hours.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets

It is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months, to ensure you get the longest life out of your carpets. Cleaning your carpets at least every 12 months will maintain a healthier environment for your family and pets, from the unseen bacteria, soils and allergens that build up in your carpet fibers.

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