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Pet Urine In Carpets

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Pet Stains - Before & AfterCarpet steam cleaning alone will not effectively remove odour and bacteria associated with urine as the issue is in the under lay and ground flooring below underlay as left untreated for extend period of time .

Dog urine, even in a healthy animal, smells foul. Because of this, it is unhealthy for humans to be exposed to the smell constantly. Dog urine also transmits various diseases which can be transferred to humans.

Dog urine smells sharply of ammonia, which is an irritant to the lungs. In the case of large amounts of urine, your lungs could feel like they are burning. Children are especially vulnerable to negative effects from the smell of dog urine, since their lungs are still developing. Adults with low-functioning auto-immune systems (HIV or cancer patients, for instance) are also more susceptible to health hazards from exposure to dog urine.

If residue from dog urine is not completely removed from a carpet or rug, the stained area could become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which are potentially hazardous to humans.

The Centers For Disease Control have found that various viruses and diseases, including West Nile Virus, can be transmitted through dog urine. Dog urine in your house poses a health threat if your dog is carrying a disease.

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