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Jan, 2018

Meaning of End of Lease Cleaning

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If you have been a tenant, you would know that you get to move into a clean and serviced property. In most places, it is a must that property should be clean before a new tenant moves in. But residents are also expected to maintain the cleanliness throughout their tenancy. Most of the deep cleaning is done a few weeks before the tenants move out.

Landlords have the right to get back their property in its initial condition,  and for this reason, new tenants have to pay for a bond. If any repair or cleaning services are required when the tenants are moving out, the landlord will deduct the charges from this bond money. If tenants can give back the home in good condition, they are entitled to the whole bond money

End of Lease Cleaning services include –

Room and floor cleaning through and through, Expulsion of irritation invasion, Cleaning garage, garden and yard, Windows, dividers and entryways cleaning, some other cleaning administrations of the property, for example, drain cleaning, are the obligation of the landowner.

Why is End of Lease Cleaning important?


On the off chance that the tenants do not do the cleaning or contract anybody to do it, the landlord will enlist an organization and the charges will be high.

This leads to a lot of disputes. These issues can be resolved if the tenant makes use of an End of Lease Cleaning service on his own. They are experts and provide the best service to ensure that both the tenant and the landlord are happy.

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