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Jan, 2014

Ideas for Having Pets with a House of Carpet

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Carpet offers a warm plushness that cannot be mimicked with hardwood or tile. However, carpet can require some extra maintenance with wear and tear. Pets escalate the negative attributes of maintaining carpet but it’s important to remember that not all carpet is equal in its durability and stain resistance. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking to balance comfort and cleanliness.

  1. Choose Carpet Tiles. You might have a negative idea of carpet tiles from school houses that are rough with notoriously ugly patterns. Tiles have improved now and can be made of the same wall-to-wall carpeting options so you don’t lose out on any of the plush comfort but you still have the option to replace a single tile in case of a major accident. This way you can keep your carpet in great condition for a long time and only replace the squares that require it.
  2. Match your Pet’s Fur Color. Don’t roll your eyes at this one! Yes, everyone hopes to have the time to vacuum daily and the never-ending search for the non-shedding pet is ongoing but reality has to set in. If you have a brilliantly white cat don’t choose a dark carpet color. The more you can camouflage the less you’ll be driven crazy in the long run.
  3. Vacuum Regularly. Committing to vacuuming twice a week will remove pet hair as well as dust and contaminants. The longer that dirt is worked into the carpet between cleanings the harder it is to remove. Plus, it helps to keep a considerably healthier home.

Bring in the Professionals. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year the life of your carpet will be considerably extended. Even with consistent vacuuming there are things that you can’t clean deep enough. Oil from pet fur in particular soils carpet over time and can only be fully removed with deep cleaning.

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