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Dog Urine Odour Has Finally Gone

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I was recommended by central coast domestic services sitting with friends at a dinner table who had similar issues and they were very happy with their work. For the last two years I have had my carpets cleaned every 2 and a half to 3 months as my now deceased beloved pet became very incontinent due to his illness a couple of years ago. . He had many accidents so there was a lot of urine present on our carpets. I was always upfront about the urine smell to the company\’s we had used in the past as it was the main reason to get our carpet cleaned. Carpet would smell good for a day or two after getting them cleaned and the horrible smell would return with in few days. Some company\’s came to redo their job but the the same results. Then over the course of 2 years we tried few other company\’s but the smell some how always came back, in fact on a hot day it was even worst.
We got in touch with central coast domestic services as they were highly recommend by our friend\’s and explained to them every thing like we did with every other company. When their carpet cleaner arrived I was amazed as to the extensive questions I was asked, i had at least half a dozen other carpet cleaners and no one asked these questions. After answering the carpet cleaner did a few quick tests and showed us exactly where the urine odour was coming from. I was told why there was the smell still present I was shocked and very upset that I had wasted so much time, money and not to forget us avoiding friends and family visit us as we were simply embarrassed of the lingering smell. Thanks to central coast domestic services after there specialised treatment we have our lifestyle back. It\’s been almost 5 weeks and a smell free home. I highly recommend this company and will only every use your services. Their knowledge and services gets a 10/10 on my behalf.

Katie O.

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